Granite is a very hard natural igneous rock formed many millions of years ago when our earth was covered with live volcanoes. Whether it is from the mountains of Brazil or the hills of Kashmir you are certain to be looking at a unique part of our planets history.

Once quarried from its natural mountainous environment it can be supplied in a polished, honed, leather or antiqued finish which provides beauty and elegance that will give pleasure for a lifetime.

Globaltopz UK Ltd have formed a partnership with some of the best natural stone suppliers in the world. We offer Globaltopz, Sensa and Naturamia granites all chosen following strict criteria of aesthetic excellence that resulted in unique, elegant surfaces. 

With over 400 different types of marbles, granites, slates, limstones, quartzites and sandstones available from stock we offer the ideal environment for our clients to find the natural material they are looking for. All clients are very welcome to come and view the natural stones they are searching for. We have the possibility for you to make a unique block reservation. Very important to do so on natural stones. 

Granite is a great product idea for customers who require a material that is resistant to scratches and stains and that offers outstanding performance over time.

Please contact us to make an appointment for your visit so we can guide you to the best slab yard for your material selection.

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