Do you want to offer concrete products, but are you experiencing the negative restrictions of traditional concrete? Globaltopz offers you the solution.

We are specialised in exclusive techniques in concrete specifically for kitchens, interior and commercial projects. We manufacture light weight and maintenance free concrete products. We use our own special developed techniques and we are proud of this fact.

By using these techniques we can manufacture concrete products in any colour, shape, size or form.

We manufacture bespoke concrete worktops and fireplace hearths. We offer our own range of vanity tops and basins in concrete as well.

Globaltopz UK offers 2 concrete solutions for interior use. Both are light weight, solid looking concrete worktops. 

GT Concrete
High quality glass fibre strengthened concrete with a centre of polystyrene hard foam. This light weight solution creates a weight reduction of 60-80% compared to normal concrete.

BXL Concrete
This technique makes it possible to improve on price and it keeps the quality of the worktop the same. We use a concrete bonded fibre slab with different layers. This extra light weight solution creates a weight reduction of 80%.

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